Esther Olofsson


Meet Esther Olofsson, the first virtual influencer from The Netherlands! With her quirky personality and insider’s perspective on Rotterdam’s city culture, she conquered the hearts of 45 thousand Instagram followers in no time. And now, she will be minting a collectible series of limited NFTs featuring 15 of Esther’s best Instagram posts based on her archetypes and one highly exclusive NFT based on her very first video appearance. 


Esther Olofsson the Fashionista

Esther Olofsson the Traveller

Esther Olofsson the Shop-a-holic

Esther Olofsson the Classical Art Lover

Esther Olofsson the Modern Art Lover

Esther Olofsson the Cocktail Queen

Esther Olofsson the Do-rist

Esther Olofsson the Foodie

Esther Olofsson the Animal Friend

Esthe Olofsson the Procrastinator

Esther Olofsson the Friend of Nature

Esther Olofsson the Ghost of the Metaverse

Esther Olofsson the Bookworm

Esther Olofsson the Flower Girl

Esther Olofsson the Fitgirl


Esther Olofsson is the very first Dutch virtual influencer! She is completely computer generated and is developed in-house by RauwCC, a successful creative agency in Rotterdam. This forever 29-year-old fashionista made from bits and bytes has her own storyline and makes choices based on her experiences. ‘She is very real in her beliefs and therefore very likeable. But in the end, she isn’t real and will never give the impression of being a real person’, according to Maarten Reijgersberg, creator of Esther and owner of RauwCC.


Esther was “born” in Malmö, Sweden. She moved to Rotterdam in 2017 and has been in love with the city ever since. Her international character suits Rotterdam’s DNA. Vibrant, daring, exciting and edgy. She shows her followers the hidden gems of Rotterdam and knows all the hotspots worth visiting. Esther always keeps sustainability at the forefront when exploring these places. Just as any real-life influencer, Esther partners with local businesses and brands that fit her character and personal taste. For example, Esther signed a deal with Postillion Hotels, an upcoming Dutch hotel chain. Other examples are her collaborations with Museum Rotterdam, Pizzabakkers and Didi’s Stroopwafels. Esther has become Rotterdam’s most trusted city guide!


An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a token stored on the blockchain that represents a unique, digital good or asset. NFTs can’t be duplicated and aren’t interchangeable. You can think of them as a way of linking ownership to digital objects. A digital certificate of ownership that shows everyone that you’re the owner.

The NFT collection will consist of 15 different archetypes. Each archetype will have 25 editions. The limited NFT has 5 editions available.

The NFTs can be bought on OpenSea. 

  • The link to Esther’s Google list with hidden gems in Rotterdam.
  • Buying an Esther archetype NFT will gain you access to our Discord Channel.
  • An exclusive Floop card of your NFT (if you share your postal address with us).
  • More perks will be disclosed over time via our Discord Channel.

The NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the most widely-supported blockchain for digital collectibles.

Each NFT costs 0.15 ETH. The limited-edition NFT costs 0.5 ETH. 

Interaction with other buyers will soon be possible on our Discord Channel.

Yes, absolutely. The NFTs can be resold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. 

Esther shares her favourite hotspots on Instagram (@esther.olofsson) and Twitter (@estherolofsson). Go check it out!

Get your NFT

The #EstherCollectibles NFTs are now available on OpenSea. Make sure to purchase ETH and transfer it into your digital wallet. Then, you’re all set up to collect them all! 

Don’t forget to follow Esther’s adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

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